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Workman supports the Urban Nature Project – Take the survey in your area

12th May 2023
  • Workman: a force for urban nature

Workman is proud to be partnering with the Natural History Museum’s Urban Nature Project (UNP) which champions urban nature in the built environment. Through this innovative capital redevelopment and national programme, Workman and the Natural History Museum will protect urban nature and encourage an appreciation of sustainability and biodiversity.

  • Building biodiversity to reach a more sustainable future

ESG is embedded in Workman’s business and mirrors the Museum’s ambitions to build a more sustainable future, where both people and the planet thrive. In joining forces, we are uniquely positioned to communicate the urgent state of biodiversity in the UK.

  • Re-engage people with nature on their doorsteps

Towns and cities are rapidly becoming where people experience nature; more than 80% of the UK’s population lives in urban areas, rising to 90% by 2030. By embracing sustainable practice across the managed portfolio and in our building-consultancy projects, Workman can safeguard the future of biodiversity.

Take the survey: Survey submission form | Natural History Museum (

Nature Overheard

🌳🐝The Natural History Museum has launched its new #communityscience project #NatureOverheard, as part of the #UrbanNatureProject, of which Workman LLP is a proud sponsor.

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