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We're a Breast Feeding Friendly Centre…

22nd February 2013

Breast Friendly















Here at Prospect we do everything we can to make our customers shopping experience as welcoming as possible.

That’s why we’re proud to have 2 specially fitted rooms to accommodate breast feeding, open all day every day for nursing mothers. Each room displays a ‘Breast Friendly’ logo and are both located near to the female toilets behind Wilkinsons.

Please see below our policy regarding breast feeding.


-We acknowledge and support the right of women

to breastfeed their children in all public areas of our premises.  If the mother is happy to feed her baby in a public area, then she will be made to feel comfortable to continue.  A chair can be offered for her comfort and convenience.

-If a mother wishes to feed her baby in private, our staff will advise her of the facilities available (Mother and baby room, office etc).  If a mother chooses not to avail herself of the facilities which have been offered to her, her right to do so will be respected.

-Ladies toilets are not acceptable as a private space to breastfeed and will not be offered as they do not offer a hygienic environment.

-The Equality law of October 2010 prohibits any mother from being prevented from feeding in public and we will uphold and support this.

-If a member of the public objects to a mother breastfeeding, then it is Prospect Shopping Centres policy to move the complainant rather than the mother herself, to an area where they will no longer be able to ‘view’ the mother. We aim to meet the needs of all our clients and ensure their visit is as pleasant as possible.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 01482 324619.



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