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Prospects fizz for centre as Lush opens on Jameson Street premises

25th June 2017

A global beauty brand has reported a growth in sales since its move to a new premise belonging to one of Hull’s busiest shopping centre.

Prospect Centre has welcomed the arrival of Lush Handmade Cosmetics, which is leasing out the precinct’s Jameson Street store, where Starbucks formerly traded.

The new store, which opened its doors less than a week ago, has recruited 15 new members of staff, including management and floor positions.

Maria Kamper, centre manager at Prospect Centre, said: “We are delighted to be at the forefront of Lush’s expansion plans within Hull, welcoming them to our strong repertoire of stores here at Prospect Centre.

“We always try to listen to our customers’ needs, and welcoming Lush will continue our ever-growing partnerships with household names in the retail industry.”

Famous for their innovative and organic products such as fizzy bath bombs, shower jellies and shampoo bars, the new Lush store boasts various sinks where people can try the products themselves.

Formerly in Whitefriargate, the move came after the cosmetics chain became so popular it had to relocate to a bigger site to meet the stock demands of Hull’s shoppers.

Mrs Kamper added: “The store is much bigger than its former premises and has brought a new lease of life to the street – with footfall up during its opening weekend.

“It is fantastic see retail giants such as Lush wanting to upsize in the city and I am confident we will see many more brands to come to Hull’s streets following the move.”

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