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Prospect Gets Even Greener!

11th January 2012

Hull’s Prospect Shopping Centre is gearing itself up to achieve its own Gold Medal in Olympic Year 2012 having just been awarded Silver for its environmental best practices.

The centre signed up to the national Green Achiever Scheme last year and was quickly awarded four star status for its environmental performance.  This month they have been recognised with a Silver Award and are now aiming at Gold in Olympic Year.

“Green Achiever is an award framework that enables us to demonstrate to all stakeholders what we are doing to proactively reduce our impact on the local environment,” said Lee Appleton, shopping centre manager.

“To achieve the Silver Award of the Green Achiever Scheme the Prospect Centre firstly demonstrated it was compliant with the myriad of environmental legislation and regulations that apply to the effective management of a shopping centre.  Further throughout the audit process we were able to show that good environmental operational practices were in place across a broad spectrum of areas from waste management to using biodegradable cleaning products.  The centre management demonstrated that it is actively working with tenants to encourage recycling of waste cardboard, paper and plastic by providing the facilities to make this easy for them.”

To achieve Gold accreditation the centre has to demonstrate continued awareness of and compliance with environmental legislation.

Deborah Cairns, operations manager Green Achiever for E4environmentl Ltd said: “It is really good to see the Prospect Centre demonstrating this sort of environmental leadership.  It is easy just to maintain on-going practices but the management at this centre are keen not to stand still and offer the opportunities to improve environmental performance to all their tenants by making it easy and advantageous to them.  I am really looking forward to returning next year to review their progress further to enable me to award the centre the Gold standard.”

“It would be a great achievement for everyone to win Gold in Olympic Year,” added Lee.


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