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Hull icon presented with Hull-made honey by shopping centre

17th August 2017

Hull’s very own Bee Lady, Jean Bishop, has been donated a jar of honey made by bees on top of one of the city’s most popular shopping centres.

Jean shares a long-standing affinity with Prospect Centre, with it being the first location where she embarked on her fundraising efforts for Age UK, which started more than nine years ago during which time she has raised tens of thousands of pounds. Jean is now nationally-renowned and can often be seen around Hull dressed as a bee, raising money for a fantastic cause.

As part of its award-winning environmental strategy, Prospect Centre has housed bees alongside its rooftop allotment, with one of the first jars of honey made by the bees being donated to Jean by Centre Manager Maria Kamper on Friday, August 18th. Bees are vital in maintaining habitats and greenery, with Prospect Centre housing the bees to help pollinate Hull City Centre.

Working in close partnership with Beverley Beekeepers Association, the Prospect Centre team has been learning to look after the bees. The other honey has been donated to various community groups.

Maria said: “Over the last few years, we have implemented various environmental initiatives that not only benefit the surrounding environment, but also make a difference in the community and educate people about green practices and how they can do this in their own home.

“Our award-winning rooftop allotment saw vegetables grown at Prospect Centre and donated to organisations such as Hull HARP, as well as teaching new skills to unemployed people.

“We’re delighted to be able to present a jar of honey to Jean, who we continue to have a fantastic relationship with. Her cause, which is now nationally-renowned, has made a huge difference and we are very proud to have been a part of her work.”

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